Thursday, August 21, 2008

Robin Long, Faces Expedited Court Martial Tomorrow

I wish I could go to Colorado Springs to provide moral support. I guess I should write him a letter. Our occupation in Iraq is morally wrong. If this is how you are to fight terrorism, then why hasn't Israel every used Occupation as a means of fighting terrorism? I know this is not about fighting terrorism, but for those that think it is, think about that. Turn off the TV and the radio and start searching for truth.
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War resistor, Robin Long, faces expedited court martial tomorrow, Friday, August 22
Robin LongLast week, I told you about war resistor Robin Long, 25-year-old U.S. Army Private First Class who recently was deported from Canada and handed over to military authorities in the U.S.  We recently learned that Robin faces court martial tomorrow at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs, CO.  Robin could face three years confinement, forfeiture of pay, and a dishonorable discharge from the Army if found guilty.  Regarding his decision to resist, Robin explains, “Regardless of what hardships I go through, I could have put Iraqi families through more hardships. I have no regrets.”  IVAW members across Colorado will offer support by attending Robin’s court martial tomorrow.  If you are in the Colorado Springs area and would like to show your support by attending, here are the details:
Other things you can do to support Robin:
Please take a few moments to write Robin a simple note of support today.
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