Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Flu Over a Cuckoo's Nest

This is about the Flu and well worth investigating further. Read the whole article.

Cuckoo's Nest = America
Every once in awhile, those of us who watch the big picture and report to you that government is planning something REALLY bad, are vindicated. Such is the case right now.
They have no choice but to kill off a whole slew of "useless eaters, most of whom live in our major cities. They know that unless they kill them off, there will be so much social chaos that the government will fall or be overthrown and they definitely don't want that to happen.
Your Coffins Were Ordered
Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA)
Microbiologists suddenly start dying
Besides all being microbiologists, six of the seven scientists who died within weeks of each other died from "unnatural" causes
FEMA tells counties, "prepare"
The super wealthy were told what was planned!
Cemeteries begin digging mass graves
Johns-Hopkins Doctor says Flu is MAN MADE!
Mortality Rate
The fact that a "flu" epidemic has broken out in the northern hemisphere in springtime is astonishing.
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The Beauty of Cooperation

a collaboration of "street artists", linked together by brand new, state of the art internet technology, participating simultaneously around the planet adding their own vocal and instrumental contributions to a worldwide, simultaneous performance of the American classic song "Stand by Me."
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America-A Picture Worth 1000 Words

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thomas Jefferson on A Nation's Abandonment of Morality

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"When great evils happen, I am in the habit of looking out for what good may arise from them as consolations to us, and Providence has in fact so established the order of things, as that most evils are the means of producing some good." --Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush, 1800. ME 10:173

"[Montesquieu wrote in Spirit of the Laws, III,c.3:] 'When virtue is banished, ambition invades the minds of those who are disposed to receive it, and avarice possesses the whole community." --Thomas Jefferson: copied into his Commonplace Book.

"[Algernon Sidney wrote in Discourses Concerning Government, Sect. II, Par. 8:] 'Those who have no sense of right, reason or religion, have a natural propensity to make use of their strength to the destruction of such as are weaker than they.'" --Thomas Jefferson: copied into his Commonplace Book.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Piercing the Darkness

Two people in America worthy of the award who work hard for the American people although the American people don't know it.
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April 3, 2009

Bill Moyers talks with alternative media heavyweights Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman about what can and can’t be addressed in big corporate media. Amy Goodman and Glenn Greenwald are the first recipients of Park Center for Independent Media Izzy Award (named for I.F. Stone). Find out more about I.F. Stone's life and legacy
Greenwald and Goodman, photo by Robin Holland
Amy Goodman & Glenn Greewald
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America's Frankenstein

Put yourself in the shoes of an Afgan. They are not all fanatics, but we are doing all we can to make more of them.
Kill Frankenstein before he comes home to do the same here.

Also consider and sign "No Amnesty for Torturers" petition at:
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In this weeks vodcast, John W. Whitehead asks why—at a time when the U.S. economy is failing and millions of Americans are losing their jobs and homes with little hope of recovery in the immediate future—are we continuing to sink billions and billions of dollars into a country whose government is corrupt and whose people are resistant to American efforts?
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Christian, Your Virtues are Need in Government

Although it should be self-evident to you that torture is immoral it may not be clear that it also does not produce the results you might think it does. Please study the issue and sign this petition. Why enable our government to one day torture you for your beliefs. Don't allow our government to proceed down this path. Sign the petition and help regain our national honor and more importantly, save innocent people from needless suffering and pain.
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On April 16, President Obama said he would not prosecute CIA agents who engaged in torture, because George Bush's lawyers told them it was "legal." President Obama also said Attorney General Eric Holder would use taxpayer dollars to defend torturers against lawsuits by torture victims, and to pay all judgments if they lost.

These decisions are intolerable and unacceptable. Torture is utterly immoral and un-American. It produced absolutely no useful intelligence. It recruited terrorists responsible for at least half the U.S. deaths in Iraq. And it endangered every U.S. soldier who may be captured in the future.

And torture is absolutely illegal. The U.S. ratified the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which prohibits torture and requires prosecution of torturers. In 1947, the U.S. prosecuted a Japanese officer for waterboarding. No lawyer can "legalize" what is illegal.

Congress must take the following actions:

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Party Speech

Right on the Mark

On April 15th, there were 700+ Tea Parties across the country. In Albany, a group of 20 unaffiliated citizens organized along with Al Rooney, WGY Radio personality, a non-partisan Tea Party event that went viral through Facebook and brought in a crowd of over 3,000 people according to police estimates. The 3 hour event focused on the Constitution, protesting the bailouts, and the expansion of government by the Republicans and Democrats.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo

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Rockefeller also tried to recruit Aaron Russo to the Council on Foreign Relations during the tenure of their friendship. Now, a picture send by the Russo family verifies that friendship and strengthens evidence of the global agenda which Rockefeller related to the filmmaker so frankly during their private conversations.
Russo goes in-depth for first time on the astounding admissions of Nick Rockefeller, including his prediction of 9/11 and the war on terror hoax, the Rockefeller's creation of women's lib, and the elite's ultimate plan for world population reduction and a microchipped society
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Columbine Case NOT Closed

Are Columbine’s remaining secrets too dangerous for the public to know — or too embarrassing for officials to reveal?


It’s clear that the real motive for the Columbine School shootings was to get back at the cops, the sheriffs. Why was the “January Incident” never investigated? Also, newly uncovered school video filmed in the cafeteria exposes a gapping question.  

Video Today

Who is the Columbine Rapist?
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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Humanist Religion

Who is most responsible for conflict and how so, the humanist or the theist?

4: The Humanist Religion

4. And Carl Sagan indoctrinated millions of unsuspecting viewers with this humanistic final view of reality in the public television show Cosmos: “The cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be.” The humanist view has infiltrated every level of society.
6. The Humanist Manifestos I and II both state that humanism is a religion, a faith. [Manifesto I: pages 3 and 7; Manifesto II: pages 13 and 24.] Manifesto I, page 9, very correctly says: “Nothing human is alien to the religious.” Christians of all people should have known, taught, and acted on this. Religion touches all of thought and all of life. And these two religions, Christianity and humanism, stand over against each other as totalities.
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stop Spending Our Kids Future - The Crisis

Helps put the amount of bailout money in perspective.
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Rules for Radicals

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In the first chapter, opening paragraph Alinsky writes, "What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away"
taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and change the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution.
Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals
Alinsky's attempt to impart his theory and methods of organizing to the current generation of young activists, largely drawing upon his own experiences
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monsanto's Dream Bill -- HR 875

Congressional Bill HR 875 was introduced by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, whose husband Stanley Greenburg works for Monsanto.

The bill is essentially a giant gift package for Monsanto, mandating the criminalization of seed banking, prison terms and confiscatory fines for small farmers and 24 hour GPS tracking of their animals, and of "industrial" standards to independent farms.

The corporations want nothing less than full control of the land, the end of normal animals so they can substitute patented genetically engineered ones, and the end of normal seeds and thus of seed banking by farmers or individuals.

And now Monsanto wants its own employee, Michael Taylor (the man who forced genetically engineered rBGH on the country when the Clintons placed him over "food safety" in the 90’s) back in government, this time to act with massive police power as a "food safety tsar".

What Can You Do?
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Teaching School Children to Live in a Totalitarian Society

Sickest thing I have heard in a while.
It just takes a few people to get involved to start turning these things back. We need to untie schools from Fed and take control of them once again for the children's sake if nothing else.
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‘Holy Hell’ Over Torture Memos

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As reported by NEWSWEEK, the White House last month had accepted a recommendation from Attorney General Eric Holder to declassify and publicly release three 2005 memos that graphically describe harsh interrogation techniques approved for the CIA to use against Al Qaeda suspects. But after the story, U.S. intelligence officials, led by senior national-security aide John Brennan, mounted an intense campaign to get the decision reversed, according to a senior administration official familiar with the debate. "Holy hell has broken loose over this," said the official, who asked not to be identified because of political sensitivities.

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The End of Christian America

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The End of Christian America

The percentage of self-identified Christians has fallen 10 points in the past two decades. How that statistic explains who we are now—and what, as a nation, we are about to become.

According to the American Religious Identification Survey that got Mohler's attention, the percentage of self-identified Christians has fallen 10 percentage points since 1990, from 86 to 76 percent.
I think this is a good thing—good for our political culture, which, as the American Founders saw, is complex and charged enough without attempting to compel or coerce religious belief or observance.
many Christians are rediscovering the virtues of a separation of church and state that protects what Roger Williams, who founded Rhode Island as a haven for religious dissenters, called "the garden of the church" from "the wilderness of the world."
America's unifying force has never been a specific faith, but a commitment to freedom—not least freedom of conscience.
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One.

Watch the program at the pbs site.

I've been hearing bits and pieces of what has been going on and this pulls it all together in 30 minutes. Very good.
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April 3, 2009

The financial industry brought the economy to its knees, but how did they get away with it? With the nation wondering how to hold the bankers accountable, Bill Moyers sits down with William K. Black, the former senior regulator who cracked down on banks during the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s. Black offers his analysis of what went wrong and his critique of the bailout

>More about William K. Black

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Bank Bailouts

Same problem, same questions.

"Is there any reason why the American people
should be taxed to guarantee the debts of banks,
any more than they should be taxed to guarantee
the debts of other institutions, including merchants,
the industries, and the mills of the country?"

Carter Glass
(1858-1946) Newspaper publisher, US Senator (D-VA), author of the Banking Act of 1933, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under President Woodrow Wilson.

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