Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CIA Officer- Robert Steele stresses the importance of Blogging

Despite the overwhelming majority of colonist who were apathetic prior to 1776, some still found ways to organize a force to overcome tyranny; we can too. Over 2,000 pamphlets were written then in an effort to change the sentiments of the people. The distribution of these pamphlets was not an organized effort, but it was a response to apathy that surrounded them...
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On getting the truth out. Find 3 people you can share information with, who can find 3 people they can share information with in a 45 day period and keep repeating that for 22 months you will reach 47 million people! Makes you wish you started last year doesn't it?
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Monday, March 29, 2010

And You Thought Health Care Was Expensive

See the Cost of War to your community at this site. This doesn't include the cost of life. It does have a link to show you what we could have for that amount of money. Very interesting.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don’t Buy, Don’t Comply, Ask Why?

I'm helping Karen with her web site and she could use your support. Please pass the word and participate.
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April 15th – April 18th, followed by April 19th, PATRIOTS DAY

“The time for Freedom to be passed down to us without our individual participation and sacrifice has passed. Governments no longer listen; no matter how many phone calls, petitions or rallies we participate in, they are more concerned with protecting the rights of corporations and offshore banks than the people of the world.”

Now it is time to set aside our differences and unite. Over 6 Billion of us have been manipulated, lied to, and stolen from in the name of fraudulent banking schemes, backed by those in power, who openly gloat about record breaking company profits and CEO multi million dollar bonuses. We have been taken down individually and forced to participate in our own demise, forgetting that we massively outnumber our oppressors, who have trained us to give away our power. No more.

“We the People” call for
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to Change the World

So simple, but so simple not to do.
I want to show you how to completely change the world…  in an instant.

This might be a bit controversial for many, and even more won’t have the stomach to do what I am suggesting…

You can rid the world of all wars, crimes, scandals, gossip, corruption and international conflict.

You have that much power…  in the palm of your hand.

Are you ready to change the world (if you dare)?
Hit the ‘OFF’ button.

Turn OFF your TV
Turn OFF your radio
Turn OFF your newspaper subscription

I’ve explained before (video: Media Madness) how watching media that aggregates the most brutal, shocking, heinous and scandalous events of the day can give you a perverted view of the world. Meanwhile millions of beautiful, miraculous,positive and wonderful things happen during the same day that don’t get any attention. It’s incredibly destructive to your spirit and creative potential.

Here is the controversial part…
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why I Love Barbara Lee

This is the kind of courage it will take to return government back to the people or for liberty to move forward. How much have we spent? How much have we gained? How many lives have been lost? Does anyone mourn over the fact that today we are at war? Only a small minority that can see through the corporate propaganda that oils the wheels of the military/industrial/banking complex. Watch "Why We Fight" for more information.
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"those who are forced [to] bear the costs of war are the first to recognize a flawed policy, while those who profit from perpetual war do their best to blunt any change in course."

Martin Luther King Jr. aptly likened the Vietnam War to a "demonic suction tube." And demonic suction tubes can't be boxed. In the real world, war's ripple effects lead to a kaleidoscope of terrible consequences, near and far. You can't keep a war in a box any more than you can deliver a government in a box.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Restore the Republic - truth flowing News

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REALITY REPORT #35 - Dissent is Terrorism, Bilderberg Nazi Roots, Ron Paul on the Census, Tobin take

http://RealityReport.TV | | Does the federal government want the ability to arrest, detain and interrogate any American based solely upon suspected activity.? What does Ron Paul want you to write on your census forms? How does the IRS plan to track online payments? Was The Bilderberg Group founded by a Nazi to fulfill Hitlers goals? Gary answers those questions and welcomes Christina Tobin, back to talk about her bid for California Secretary of State. He also presents behind the scenes footage from the broadcast premier of Camp FEMA on KBDI-PBS and Dr. Edwin Vieira appears in interview footage from "Don't Tread On Me - The Movie". He also dips into the mailbag and brands a new enemy of the state.
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sheriff says he'll undermine gun ban

rebelling against rebellion I say.
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The Colorado State University Board of Governors voted unanimously Tuesday to place students at both of its campuses in harm’s way with a sweeping weapons ban law-abiding citizens will obey and criminals will ignore.

Larimer County Sheriff James Alderden, outraged by the ban, told The Gazette’s opinion department he will undermine it in the interest of student safety.

Alderden said ban advocates have been unable to cite a single study or statistic to show that students will be safer as a result of a weapons ban.

“There are volumes of statistical and anecdotal data that show populations are safer when law-abiding citizens are permitted to carry concealed weapons,” Alderden said.

Six years after Alderden began issuing permits, he noticed the homicide rate in his jurisdiction had dropped.

At CSU-Fort Collins, the ban includes pepper spray, in quantities greater than an ounce, and Tasers.

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Visualizing Obama's budget cuts - unbelievable!

I could not clip the video, so check it out. It lasts a little over a minute. Knowing my gov, it is probably true.
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Visualizing Obama's budget cuts.
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Pilots for 9/11 Truth

These pilots need to watch more tv so they know what is going on. Actually, the movie at this site is pretty convincing. I saw this last year, but they keep bringing forth more information. I think they believe 2 planes were involved.
Gov't lie all the time
We need to get back to American politics.
"It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority." - Benjamin Franklin

Pilots for 9/11 Truth has written a new tech paper, complete with calculations and animations, that formally
and scientifically demonstrates that a plane on the north side of the gas station cannot cause the physical damage photographed and documented at the Pentagon, starting with the light poles.

This fact is usually obvious to the layman simply by
looking at the location of the physical damage in relation to the witness flight path illustrations
, but this paper makes it 100% clear and is backed by experts and professionals.

Click here
by pilot Robert Balsamo, with review and approval from Captain Jeff Latas and Commander Ralph Kolstad (see links in paper for their bios).
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life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness & food

Yes, food has always played a vital role in everything. Without food, you can't do too much.

What would give you safety and power—placing
you back in control of your own life, over every
single one of the above “uncontrollable circumstances”?
What would enable you to
keep your guns even if they were confiscated in food
distribution lines as they have been in every other country when populations
were disarmed.
What can you control that
will give you peace and safety in the event of job loss, quarantines,
martial law, economic depression, civil unrest and even war?

now unprecedented numbers of Americans are returning to a practice of
our self-reliant and independent fore-fathers—that of storing
supplies of food
in six Americans presently worry about getting food daily.
the issue of guns
in the possession of the people—food,
or the lack of it, has always been used to take the protection of guns
away from people. (Cuba, China, Germany etc.)
or family members to get needed food is always a
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Outline for Taking Back Your Gov

The original title for this article is TEA PARTIES: HI-JACKED BY POLITICAL HACKS?

It has a couple of other other topics it traces worth reading too.
– and most important – do what Nevada did. Take your state’s
Republican Party back. To do that, start at the local level… from
the smallest towns and cities and counties to the biggest.
will never change things at the national level if you do not first change
them locally.
organize. Get petitions signed that put important issues on your state
ballot for the 2010 election. It is the only way to put control back into
the people’s hands
Number One: State sovereignty.
issue Constitutionalists can get on state ballots via petition is the
right of states to coin their own currency.
Constitutionalists need to put pressure on their state governments to
create State Banks.
Local deposits
stimulate local economies.
My personal
favorite state ballot issue is simple. “The State of Colorado is
an independent, sovereign state that adheres to the Rule of Law as defined
by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Colorado.
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2010 Score! States 1 Feds 0

The States have a long way to go but it looks like they might be trying to make a come back! Go States!!!

Sanity is coming back to our government. This is a great read.
In a written statement Gov. Herbert explained his reasoning.  “There are times when the state needs to push back against continued encroachment from the federal government. Sending the message that we will stand up for a proper balance between the state and federal government is a good thing.”
By signing SB-11 Gov. Herbert places Utah in a position of proper authority while pressing the issue of supremacy back into the courts.  As more states join this courageous move governing can begin the necessary restoration that will ultimately lead to the protection of people’s rights and responsibility.
In 1942 no state intervened or challenged the usurpation of commerce in Filburn v. Wickard.  This landmark decision ruled in favor of the federal government being constitutionally supreme even in a matter of wheat grown by a farmer for personal consumption on his farm.  It marked a reversal of precedent set over the course of more than 150 years where the
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Freedom in America

What is a free people to do when their representatives no longer respond to them?

Sign this Continental Congress 2009 Pledge will help. Add strength to the voice of the people.
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Recession Causing Medical ID Theft to Rise

something to be aware of.
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Medical identity theft is on the rise and expected to worsen.

The problem has grown during the recession as more uninsured people use the coverage of a friend, relative or even a stranger to get care. Of particular concern is the fact that most of the fraud is committed by people who pay medical workers for patients' information.

In one case, a front-desk clerk at a medical clinic in Weston, Fla., downloaded the personal information of more than 1,100 Medicare patients and gave it to a cousin, who made $2.8 million in false Medicare claims.

In another instance, a Pennsylvania ...

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