Sunday, November 23, 2008

'Off-Grid' Couple Fight Power Company

Corporate tyranny at work in my book. What the corp wants the corp gets. Life has become all about making the corporation survive rather than the corporation serving us.

Nov. 18--ROCKBRIDGE, Ohio -- Charles and Melanie Ogle have lived happily off the power grid for 17 years in their solar-powered log home perched on a ridge in the Hocking Hills.

They don't want or need electric lines, but it seems that a power line is about to be strung outside their house anyway.

The Ogles are fighting a plan by American Electric Power to take some of their land by eminent domain to build an overhead electric line to power a telecommunications tower that the utility is building about 1,500 feet south of their house.

A judge already ruled that the project is a necessity and that the company has the right to take their land.

The Ogles rejected AEP's offer of $4,000. It's not about the money, the couple said. It's the principle.

AEP says it needs to build the 350-foot telecommunications tower so its workers can communicate with each other by radio in the hills. Construction has started.

The Ogles say the line should be built underground.

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