Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Flu Over a Cuckoo's Nest

This is about the Flu and well worth investigating further. Read the whole article.

Cuckoo's Nest = America
Every once in awhile, those of us who watch the big picture and report to you that government is planning something REALLY bad, are vindicated. Such is the case right now.
They have no choice but to kill off a whole slew of "useless eaters, most of whom live in our major cities. They know that unless they kill them off, there will be so much social chaos that the government will fall or be overthrown and they definitely don't want that to happen.
Your Coffins Were Ordered
Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA)
Microbiologists suddenly start dying
Besides all being microbiologists, six of the seven scientists who died within weeks of each other died from "unnatural" causes
FEMA tells counties, "prepare"
The super wealthy were told what was planned!
Cemeteries begin digging mass graves
Johns-Hopkins Doctor says Flu is MAN MADE!
Mortality Rate
The fact that a "flu" epidemic has broken out in the northern hemisphere in springtime is astonishing.
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