Monday, October 26, 2009

How to Win at Networking & Presentations

This was a great interview I heard yesterday on the way home from Las Cruces.
I'm learning new skills to implement into my life that will affect all areas of living.
Harvey Mackay famously teaches that “People buy from other people because of likeability.”
Likability as well as many other savvy networking skills is what helped propel his first business from a failing enterprise to a 100+ million dollar corporation employing over 600 people.

Clip 2: In this next clip Harvey shares some keen insights on these topics and more:

• Where people go wrong in networking – mistakes made
• How he has used golf to build a big Rolodex
• How technology has impacted networking – good and bad
• How to make a BIG impression (great strategy to remember!)
• How to captivate an audience in a presentation…he reveals his trademark secret!

Download the Mackay 66 Customer Profile here >>>

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