Sunday, October 26, 2008

If McCain were best person to lead country now

We've Had Two Victories in Iraq (0.00 / 0)
"Mission Accomplished"

Apparently not enough to bring the troops home!

"The Surge Worked"

And still not enough to bring the troops home, but instead have more serving in theater than before 'the surge'!

What's the next catch phrase??

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it would make sense to let bygones be bygones. He is not. He has no vision, no plan, and has resorted to fear and smear tactics. He does not deserve to rest on his hero image as a substitute for lack of any other reason to earn support. There are so many people who mistakenly think a vote for McCain is patriotic and means traditional American values.

Thank you each too, for your service and sacrifices.

Yesterday news came about a young husband in our area, dead of injuries in Iraq. I'm absolutely heartsick, can't sleep. As Barrack Obama said, no soldier's death for his country is in vain. On the same night, McCain said we have to KEEP sending our servicepeople, that if we say Iraq was a mistake we dishonor the memories of those precious ones who've been lost.  God bless this soldier for doing his duty, and God bless his family, may they have peace and comfort ... but how will more deaths honor him, "win" or lose.

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