Friday, October 10, 2008

Where Were You When You Realized George Bush Was a Liar?

I don't know, some people's loyalty to the president reminds me of some people's loyalty to a king. Since the pres is not a king it sometimes boggles my mind. When they do discover he is a liar and how much he has lied and for what purposes, I wonder if they remember that day - kind of like remembering where you were when you learn that Kennedy was shot or where you were when 911 happened. If you had such an experience why not write about it. It's an interesting and informative read.
I remember when I realized George W. Bush was a liar. It was November 8, 2006—the day after the mid-term elections. It had taken me six years to admit the truth. A week earlier, Bush had said in no uncertain terms that Donald Rumsfeld would stay on until the end of Bush’s presidency.  “Both those men are doing fantastic jobs and I strongly support them.”  The day after the election, Rumsfeld was gone.  When asked about the turn-around, the President said:
Mr. Bush

Mr. Bush

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