Thursday, January 29, 2009

Iceland Revolution Succeeding

I love the sound of it, don't you?
New lessons from Iceland are bursting forth every day. Those people in Reykjavik really showed us how to throw out a criminal regime, and all across Europe-- France, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Greece (plus so many more)
Are WE the next to fall?
Remember my Rule No. 1
BANKRUPT REGIMES FALL! This Rule is absolute in all recorded history-- there are NO EXCEPTIONS.

So how did the good people of Iceland do it? With thanks to, here's a report on the Iceland events of the moment:

"The normally placid middle class of Iceland is in revolt, taking to the streets in protest at their politicians, bankers and the financial meltdown. . . . When MPs gathered after their winter break on Tuesday, they were met by a large crowd creating a cacophony with everything from pots and pans to empty paint cans, whistles and musical instruments."

An unemployed newspaperwoman told the story:

'We have to wake up the government that seems to be fast asleep,'
said Audur Ketlisdottir, while pounding a pot
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