Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bartering Makes A Comeback

Somewhere in the mix silver and gold are going to be circulated once again. Consider my affordable systematic plan for accumulating silver while spending it into the economy. 1. Get some silver. 2. Barter a few times with it. 3. Share the web site with these sellers. Soon, you will accumulate more silver than you spent into the economy for less than it cost the first time!
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Bartering Makes A Comeback

March 2nd, 2009


Capitalism isn’t doing well these days leading the entrepreneurial among us to embrace bartering. Traffic to Craigslist’s bartering section has more than doubled since last year as people to try to make use of skills that might not otherwise have much value.

Boise beautician Heather Wood has traded haircuts and pedicures for years of day care, kids’ clothes, a paint job for her car, an oil change, a set of professional portraits for her family and dental cleaning.
“It’s fun, and it builds a whole different kind of a relationship,” said Wood, who has five children. “They’re getting what they want and I’m getting what I want. I would much rather do that than make cash most of the time.”
Kildow put his stuff on the Boise-area Craigslist site under “barter” and suggested horses, pack mules, a four-wheel-drive truck, a computer or a flat-screen TV in exchange. So far, he’s had an offer of a truck, some computers and a wedding ring.

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