Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Which Industries are Being Born and Booming

Which Industries are Being Born and Booming–and Three Quick Ways to Get in on the Action

1. Safety and comfort
People are escaping by watching movies, buying comfort food and visiting their counselors and psychologists.
2. A return to basics and prudence –
Our social shift to cost-saving measures are redirecting dollars to alternative services.
Usage of the streaming television Web site
video gaming industry has reported an increase of 31 percent
less expensive dining-out
we’re eating more of these cheap fast food options, and it is bankrupting our health
3. Retraining, retooling and reevaluating
Community colleges’, business schools’ and distance learning programs’ enrollments are up sharply.
Bartering services on the Internet are also booming
4. And the unfortunate obviousBankruptcy
Overstock.com up 17%

Three Quick Ways to Exercise Opportunity Today

1. What do you know?
2. What do you have?
3. Who do you know?
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