Monday, September 21, 2009

Neutralizing a TASER Gun Assault

The site also explains how to short out the dart probes.

I don't think the solution here will be tried by many, maybe a few.

I offer a plastic credit card size card that you give to the police officer to read. It is HIGHLY effective with a growing list of testmonies. To learn more see my site.
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Editor's Note: The reason that so many in "law enforcement"
today act like uncaring, inhumane barbarians is because they are CHOSEN
and TRAINED to behave that way. You can see from news reports that the
level of barbarity against relatively NON-THREATENING individuals who have
usually committed the 'crime' of being in the wrong place at the wrong
time, has been increasing dramatically over the past few years in Britain
and here in the US and Canada.
Cops are being encouraged to behave this way using
the same sort of dehumanizing mind set that has been employed for the past
decade to "train" US military personnel. It's part of the agenda
to federalize and militarize local police. Civilians that cops encounter
in the street are viewed as the "enemy", much as civilians in
Iraq or Afghanistan are viewed as the "enemy" and the threshold
of restraint falls to ever lower levels as the goons who get away with
this abusive behavior never pay a price for their thugery.
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