Thursday, December 31, 2009

Free Book to you for the New Year

How about a free book to help you get started with the New Year. This book uncovers the universal truths behind success, not just monetary success, but success in all areas of life. It is now being offered free for the asking. They want you to pay shipping but it is probably cheaper than driving to the bookstore and back.
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On a dark and stormy night in 1908, a
young man was invited to the mansion of America's first billionaire,
Andrew Carnegie.  In front of a flickering fire, Napoleon Hill,
a young, ambitious reporter quizzed Carnegie about his principles of
The crusty Carnegie was impressed by
the earnest young fellow and suddenly offered him a shocking
proposition: "Mr. Hill, on your behalf I will use my considerable
influence to arrange opportunities for you to personally spend time
with 500 of the greatest accomplishers of our time. They will
include fellow industrialists, entrepreneurs, inventors, merchants,
statesmen, artists, and many others. You will have as much time as
you need to interview, learn from and observe them. Your objective
will be to validate the belief success is a matter of an ideology,
of universal laws, which can be enumerated, learned and then simply
duplicated and used as skills to deliver predictable results
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