Wednesday, December 30, 2009

police pay $21,000 to settle open carry lawsuit

$21k, that will help you remain calm when police trample your rights.

The 2nd Amendment was added to allow the people to protect themselves from their government, not so they can go duck hunting. If we allow others to violate this right, then we invite the wrong kind of people to run for office.
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Alamogordo police pay $21,000 to settle open carry lawsuit

As reported in the Alamogordo Daily News today, the Alamogordo, NM Police have paid $21,000 to settle with Matthew A. St. John whom police detained for open carrying a holstered handgun at a movie theater.  This settlement follows a host of settlements by police departments around the country with plaintiffs who were detained by police for openly carrying a holstered handgun, including Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Virginia (see another settlement here), and Georgia.  More cases are still pending in Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

On September 8, 2009, Federal District Judge Bruce D. Black, issued an order previously examined here, that concluded as a matter of law that Alamogordo police officiers violated Matthew St. John's constitutional rights under the Fourth Amendment because they seized and disarmed him even though there was not "any reason to believe that a crime was afoot."
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