Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sheriff Mack is coming to NM

Cost, $20 or less.
NMPA >> Committees of Safety >> Sheriff Project >> Action Item - to get into the hands of every Sheriff in NM a copy of Mack's book. This upcoming meeting looks like an ideal place to get most of this work done. We could car pool down. Deliver the books and make contacts for members of other counties to distribute the remaining books. Those interested in participating, please let Robert Coss know.

I told you all that I was working on putting a meeting together for New Mexico OK as a get to know each other and further the organization. Well the date is now set...Saturday February 13, 2010 and the best news is Sheriff Richard Mack ( has agreed to come and speak to us. Sheriff Mack was a speaker at the Founding of OathKeepers in Lexington on April 19, 2009. Please visit his site above and you will realize that this is pretty special for all of freedom fighters here in NM.

The site is tenatively set for the VFW in Alamogordo and the exact time of the meeting is still TBD as we are working on the availability of the hall. We should have this set in the next couple of days.
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