Sunday, June 6, 2010

Israel Smothering Jewish Dissent+

Peace and human rights activist in Israel are having "Their leaders arrested and detained on several occasions."

Some Israeli politicians are calling for further restrictions still, like quoted in the bottom of this clip: Knesset action.

Yesterday one of the few Arab members of the Israel parliament, the Knesset was opposed by a mob of other members of the Knesset when she wanted to speak.

When she finally made it to the podium, her speech was stopped by interruptions and security led her away.

There is, of course, a double standard here: the Israeli who illegal keep expanding the settlements are drenched in money from the US, but there is no suggestion of restricting them.

We may not realize this; it's hidden: But the current 'flavor,' of Zionism is not the only one. It didn't have to be this way.

It's like the USA if we had a President Cheney or some other Darth Vader in power.

Nazi Zionism is not the only way to go.
The Movement to Smother Solidarity -- From Israel to Ethiopia to Honduras
Everyone now knows the Israeli navy committed a machine-gun massacre on a ship in international waters that was carrying humanitarian aid for the blockaded people of Gaza, who Israeli officials joke they have "put on a diet".
The boat was armed with Holocaust survivors,
Nobel Peace Laureates
food, medicine, cement to rebuild bombed-out homes
the Israeli government is slowly obstructing and silencing the organizations within Israel that are trying to get the country on to a saner and safer path

one of the human rights groups' foremost critics demanded to know: "What right do they have to criticize the Israeli government?"

A new law is being passed that would strip any group receiving a shekel from other governments of their tax-exempt status, and require them by law to describe themselves as paid agents of a foreign government every time they made a public statement.

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