Friday, May 29, 2009

Forces That Restore Liberty - Fire Them

I'm amazed at how hard it is for some people to not vote for evil. I gave it up two elections ago. I hope more people follow. If you can't find anyone to vote for, promote somebody instead of voting for evil. Educate someone, anything but supporting evil.
end government corruption by kicking out all corporate special interest lobbying and career politicians
Great job America! Way to hold Congress accountable for what they've done. You just allowed roughly 96% of the incumbents to be reelected, the exact same s.o.b.s that just committed the worst screwing and betrayal of the American people in history by Bailing Out Wall Street and giving them total control of the U.S. Treasury! Oh and we can't forget the blanket immunity that was thrown in for good measure. You just threw away a golden opportunity to hold them all accountable. You just ignored an incredible chance to FIRE THEM ALL! Instead of voting them all out of office, half the voters were content to just dance around singing the mantra "Change We can Believe In" as if it was actually going to happen without cleaning out the den of thieves in the Congress.
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