Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"detained" by 15 Police And Held For A Psychiatric Evaluation

Everyone in America needs to protect themselves from this abuse. The cost of doing so is less than a bottle of water a day. Please help resist this tyranny by being proactive. To learn more visit my site at Contact me if you have questions. We can no longer afford not to have this protection.

Last Friday, while en route to a store, Nate Scharf was "detained" by 15 police and held for a psychiatric evaluation on account of his political and economical beliefs. This psychological evaluation was to be for 24 hours, yet he finds himself still in custody almost 1 week later. During his stay there, all of the initial evaluations with staff stated that he was not committable. When he was interviewed by the last 2, who were the decision makers, everything changed. Each spoke with him for approximately 15 minutes. Based on those short interviews, they decided he was a threat and should be committed. All the while, the police are apparently working on a case against him with "sealed" charges.

Update: Nate has been released and donations are now being collected to fund the lawsuit against his illegal detainment. Nate has appeared on our radio show to discuss the situation. An official report is forthcoming.
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