Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Polish President Plane Crash: Video Author Assassinated?

The author (Adrij Mendierej) of the video of the plane crash which killed the Polish top brass and the Polish president was stabbed near Kijow, and transported in critical condition to the Kijow hospital. Three unidentified individuals unplugged him from his life support system and stabbed him a further three times, it is alleged.
The video that the author released was deleted from youtube, but a copy is now available (below). Four gunshots can be heard towards the end of the video, and speculators have said that these were shots by the military, finishing off any survivors of the crash. The Polish State prosecutor is now examining this issue.
  • Poland refused to purchase the swine flu vaccine;

  • Poland was unwilling to allow the Zloty to strengthen against the Euro and didn't want to join the EU;

  • Poland's bank governor refused to take loans from the IMF;

  • Poland is the only country in Europe whose economy is growing (2.7% this year), with relatively little debt.

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