Thursday, September 11, 2008

Car pulling you over -- is that a real cop?

Know your rights ahead of time. Prepare. There are good programs on the internet to teach you what to do.

There is an 8 question quiz and a video at

If that site doesn't work, try
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  • If you're suspicious of fake cop trying to stop you, drive slowly with blinkers on
  • Pull over in an area with other people around if possible
  • Crack window only low enough to pass through licence, registration
  • Call 911, give location, say you think a fake officer stopped you, stay on line
  • In the United States, almost all traffic enforcement work is done by police driving one of the following vehicles:

    when a police-looking car is trying to get us to pull over, every instinct tells us to comply.

    Still, it's important to use your head.

    First, have you done something to deserve being pulled over? I

    Second, if the vehicle attempting to pull you over is not a clearly marked police cruiser --
    pull over -- but only do so when you can find a well-lit, public place
    keep your doors locked and only crack the window
    Third, get a good look at the "officer" and his credentials.
    If he won't let you, tell the "officer" that you'd like for him to call another officer to the scene.
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