Friday, September 26, 2008

Down with Republicans!

The Republican Party is quickly morphing into what every person hates. They get away with this stuff because they can. Watch the 60-minute video for a good overview. We are the only ones that can put pressure on such tactics to stop it from destroying us all.

This is just another example that shows why people need to get involved once again in helping America (SELF-government). With the Third Parties combining, now is the time for everyone on the sidelines to start jumping in and helping.

Learn more about that here...

Spread the word!
That is about all you have to do.
" I think this will make Watergate
look like child's  play"
Unless Congress votes to hold
Rove in Contempt before it
adjourns at the END of
of our work will go out of the
This is ultimately not about Republicans or Democrats, because when the already high price attached to the blood sport of
politics and public service has been elevated to an individual’s complete destruction, a ruined career, and imprisonment,
everyone loses.
Gen. Wesley Clark: "I believe
that Don Siegelman was not
only a great Governor, but a
great American. And I believe
he was an honest man! And I
believe that he has been
unjustly confined!
" I would greatly appreciate any
financial contribution you can
make to my Legal Defense Fund"
       Don Siegelman
....CONTACT CONGRESS before they adjorn!!!
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