Friday, September 5, 2008

Police use bogus "hostage" claim to seek entry to I-Witness Video office

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"all Freemen ... have a Right publickly to remonstrate the Abuses of Power, in the strongest Terms, to put their Neighbours upon their Guard, against the Craft or open Violence of Men in Authority, and to assert with Courage the Sense they have of the Blessings of Liberty

"Andrew Hamilton, from his 1735 defense of John Peter Zenger, in a landmark trial which helped to establish the principle of freedom of the press in America."
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At about 2:45 this past afternoon (Sept. 3), police wielding batons and a battering ram
entered the professional office building on Selby Avenue in St. Paul where
I-Witness Video is renting work space.

Geneva Finn, an attorney with the National Lawyer's Guild went to head off
the police. After the police left, she made this statement at an impromptu
press conference on the street:

A few minutes ago, one of our legal observers called me to
the door. I saw the St. Paul police unloading a bunch of equipment from
their cars and they saw me at the door. They saw me at the door, they
motioned me forward. I came forward to their cars. They told me that
they had reports that somebody was holding somebody hostage in the
building, that there had been a kidnapping. They told me that somebody,
an undercover had told them, that the anarchists were holding people
hostage in our building.

I then asked the police to
police came after us
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