Sunday, September 28, 2008

Put $700 billion in the bag and no one gets hurt

The situation reminds me of a
portion of the Douglas Adams novel "The
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
," in which the leaders of
the planet Golgafrincham decided to get rid of the least useful
third of their population. This was accomplished by making up a
story about a giant space goat coming to eat their planet and
convincing all of the people they wanted to get rid of to board
Ark-B, the first of three giant spaceships that would take them
all to a new planet. The other two-thirds of the population, of
course, did not follow.

The way that Paulson and
Bernanke have described the problem, I cannot shake the feeling
that my wife, daughter and I are being told to board Ark-B. Tell
me again what the problem is that is so severe that it justifies
taking $2,000 from every man, woman and child in the country?
I am insulted that they think
they can scare the money out of me without offering a good
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