Friday, February 13, 2009

Abuse of the Week

Abuse of the Week

With the recent signings of executive orders by President Obama, we felt we were turning the page on the tortuous ways of the Bush administration.  But like a reoccurring nightmare, former Bush administration official John Yoo surfaced on the pages of the Wall Street Journal criticizing President Obama for having the nerve to ban the use of torture.


     Yes, Yoo actually wrote in a major newspaper that President Bush authorized a known torture technique based on Yoo’s own legal "reasoning"!  This is akin to a lawyer writing that his client did, in fact, murder another person, but it is OK because the lawyer had advised him that it was OK under some imaginary legal standard.  We look forward to the day when John Yoo has to explain his role in torture to an investigative commission – or, better yet, to a jury.

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