Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thomas Jefferson on Moral Consequences

"The principles of Jefferson are the axioms of a free society." --Abraham Lincoln

A brief update on my progress in reading the Jefferson quotes:

I. The Fundamentals of Government

# Inalienable Rights -- COMPLETED
# Securing Rights -- COMPLETED
# Moral Principles -- IN PROGRESS
# Moral Degeneracy
# The Sovereignty of the People
# The Safest Depository
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"The sentiments of men are known not only by what they receive, but what they reject also." --Thomas Jefferson: Autobiography, 1821. ME 1:28

"Mischief may be done negatively as well as positively." --Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 1813. ME 13:397

"Most virtues when carried beyond certain bounds degenerate into vices." --Thomas Jefferson to Chastellux, 1785.

"It is reasonable that every one who asks justice should do justice." --Thomas Jefferson to George Hammond, 1792. ME 16:227

"The art of life is the art of avoiding pain; and he is the best pilot, who steers clearest of the rocks and shoals with which it is beset." --Thomas Jefferson to Maria Cosway, 1786. ME 5:439

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