Saturday, February 21, 2009

Iceland Revolts, Now Latvia, Who Next?

Latvia's Prime Minister and his "center--right" (whatever that means) government have resigned. The second domino to fall, after Iceland, and it follows on the heels of civil disobedience protests in the capital city last month that resulted in 100 arrests and more than 40 injuries. One of the opposition party chairmen said it was the only way to help boost public trust in the unpopular government. Ah, that mysterious "trust" thing again. As if any of us should trust these marauding bands of criminals that have spread like a cancer across the globe. Central banks and fractional reserve banking anyone?

Observers say any new administration will have a difficult task reviving the economy. Yep. Whenever the debt mongerers get their hooks into a country, there's a bad ending coming. First Iceland, then Latvia, next . . . .

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