Saturday, November 14, 2009

ARRESTED & Cuffed for two overdue library books

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Wisconsin woman, 20, arrested for two overdue library volumes

Book Her, Dan-O

Dalibor, who made the mistake of ignoring a court citation issued after she failed to respond to letters and phone calls from the Grafton library, was busted August 6 for failing to return copies of Janet Fitch’s best-seller “White Oleander” (a 1999 Oprah Book Club selection) and “Angels & Demons,” author Dan Brown’s precursor to “The Da Vinci Code.”

According to a police report, Dalibor was apprehended at her family’s home, cuffed and stuffed in a cruiser, and booked for violating the “overdue library materials” ordinance.
She also had to pose for the below mug shot at the Grafton Police Department.

But that’s the trend across America.  I hear Alex Jones’ statements about police brutality, setups and more and more laws to control and humiliate us.  And I often find it hard to believe, but then you watch videos and read the official press releases, and it’s true.

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