Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jesus, Worry, and You - Matthew 6:25-34

After hearing this explained, no wonder the Lord gained a committed and loyal following.

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the matter of financial security
There are always a series of doomsday prophets who want to camp on our fears

Three times in this passage...first of all in Verse 25...it says, "Do not be anxious."  Secondly, in Verse 31, "do not be anxious."  And finally in Verse 34, "do not be anxious."  The key to the whole passage then is, "don't be anxious."  That mandate...that command...is illustrated, elucidated, argued, and reasoned with the inimitable skill of the master teacher, the Lord Jesus Christ.  It defines the proper attitude with which disciples of Jesus should live their lives in a material world.

Wanting the necessities of life is very normal.  "Just don't worry about it," He says.
three reasons never to worry.  This is the end of financial stress.  Number one, "It is unnecessary because of Your Father."  Two, "It is uncharacteristic because of your faith."  Three, "It is unwise because of your future."
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