Thursday, November 5, 2009

Attorneys Warn Second Wave of Foreclosures Coming Urges Consumers to Know Their Rights

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Washington D.C. October 29, 2009 — E. F. Robinson, an attorney who specializes in consumer law, is warning the public that a second wave of foreclosures is on the horizon, and he is urging that people prepare for any eventuality by knowing their rights– before they need them.
Regarding conventional wisdom that people facing foreclosure are getting what they deserve, Robinson offers this retort: “Poppycock”
“Most did not understand what they were signing,”
We have had lots of success,
“Less than 2 percent have had to turn their house back in.”
But the mortgage crisis is just one part of the equation
For example, identify theft has increased, affecting those with good [^] credit who unexpectedly find themselves victims. And other good credit risks who invested in extended warranties are finding that some firms are not honoring service contracts.
“Such companies are getting less business, therefore making less money,” Robinson said, adding that many are now reneging on warranties
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