Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010 Score! States 1 Feds 0

The States have a long way to go but it looks like they might be trying to make a come back! Go States!!!

Sanity is coming back to our government. This is a great read.
In a written statement Gov. Herbert explained his reasoning.  “There are times when the state needs to push back against continued encroachment from the federal government. Sending the message that we will stand up for a proper balance between the state and federal government is a good thing.”
By signing SB-11 Gov. Herbert places Utah in a position of proper authority while pressing the issue of supremacy back into the courts.  As more states join this courageous move governing can begin the necessary restoration that will ultimately lead to the protection of people’s rights and responsibility.
In 1942 no state intervened or challenged the usurpation of commerce in Filburn v. Wickard.  This landmark decision ruled in favor of the federal government being constitutionally supreme even in a matter of wheat grown by a farmer for personal consumption on his farm.  It marked a reversal of precedent set over the course of more than 150 years where the
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