Sunday, March 7, 2010

life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness & food

Yes, food has always played a vital role in everything. Without food, you can't do too much.

What would give you safety and power—placing
you back in control of your own life, over every
single one of the above “uncontrollable circumstances”?
What would enable you to
keep your guns even if they were confiscated in food
distribution lines as they have been in every other country when populations
were disarmed.
What can you control that
will give you peace and safety in the event of job loss, quarantines,
martial law, economic depression, civil unrest and even war?

now unprecedented numbers of Americans are returning to a practice of
our self-reliant and independent fore-fathers—that of storing
supplies of food
in six Americans presently worry about getting food daily.
the issue of guns
in the possession of the people—food,
or the lack of it, has always been used to take the protection of guns
away from people. (Cuba, China, Germany etc.)
or family members to get needed food is always a
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