Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why I Love Barbara Lee

This is the kind of courage it will take to return government back to the people or for liberty to move forward. How much have we spent? How much have we gained? How many lives have been lost? Does anyone mourn over the fact that today we are at war? Only a small minority that can see through the corporate propaganda that oils the wheels of the military/industrial/banking complex. Watch "Why We Fight" for more information.
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"those who are forced [to] bear the costs of war are the first to recognize a flawed policy, while those who profit from perpetual war do their best to blunt any change in course."

Martin Luther King Jr. aptly likened the Vietnam War to a "demonic suction tube." And demonic suction tubes can't be boxed. In the real world, war's ripple effects lead to a kaleidoscope of terrible consequences, near and far. You can't keep a war in a box any more than you can deliver a government in a box.

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