Thursday, March 4, 2010

Recession Causing Medical ID Theft to Rise

something to be aware of.
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Medical identity theft is on the rise and expected to worsen.

The problem has grown during the recession as more uninsured people use the coverage of a friend, relative or even a stranger to get care. Of particular concern is the fact that most of the fraud is committed by people who pay medical workers for patients' information.

In one case, a front-desk clerk at a medical clinic in Weston, Fla., downloaded the personal information of more than 1,100 Medicare patients and gave it to a cousin, who made $2.8 million in false Medicare claims.

In another instance, a Pennsylvania ...

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Robert Coss said...

I guess I should add something else that surprised me. Not only is ID theft go beyond credit cards, but kids social security numbers are used. When they start applying for credit some are finding out someone else is using their number.