Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dare To Prepare!

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If you don't think you're being kept in the dark, read this
We don't know specifically what is afoot, but something is definitely wrong and officials are likely privy to it. We have noticed since November a definite uptick in emergency preparedness warnings, PSAs - Public Service Announcements - on TV and radio aired at odds times of the night.
They advise every family should have an emergency plan in place and generally point people to Ready.gov, or individual state programs.

These governmental programs aren't specific enough to be truly helpful. Once people realize they must do something for themselves, the lack of practical information leaves them more panicked than ever wondering what to do.
Three days' supplies are NOT enough. . .

Finally, even the government has officially changed its tune.

"Assemble and maintain a disaster supplies kit with food, water, medications, fuel and personal items adequate for up to 2 weeks - the more the better."
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