Thursday, December 25, 2008

For Republicans Only; Everyone Else Keep Pressing On

Here is an example to follow.

Republicans say what many Christians want to hear. In addition, because they say they are Christians many believe them and faithfully but blindly support them. Eventually, they find out how immoral they are.

At this point their moral principles are tested. They either suppress their conscience (very easy to do) or they speak out (very hard to do). When they speak out, they lose their friends, but that is only the beginning. If they continue to speak out they put their life in danger.

Nonetheless, this is the path Connell chose to take. It is the very path Christ took.

Christians either need to deny Christ or take on the challenge presented by Him.

John 18:37 ...“For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice."

If they would do what Connell did, the Republican Party would reform.
clipped from
Mike Connell, the chief IT consultant to Karl Rove, reportedly
asked for protective custody from the government before he died.
Mike Connell was, in fact - many said that's
what motivated him through all of this, his fierce anti-abortion stance.
He told - Connell told Spoonamore that one of the
primary reasons why he helped Bush-Cheney steal elections was to save the babies.
was far less ferocious
he wasn't quite as hardcore as the others.
he was a little bit alienated from the others, and that's one of the reasons
why he was inclined to talk

    AG: Wasn't Karl Rove's email also there in Chattanooga on
some of these servers?

 MCM: Yes, yes

    AG: That have gone missing.

MCM: That have gone missing.
Despite his conservatism
a man of principle - I mean, believes in the Constitution. He believes elections
should be honest. He's the one who came forward and named Connell.
Mike Connell was up past
his eyeballs in the most sensitive and explosive aspects of this crime family
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