Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lakota Nation Secedes Due to New World Order (Part 1)

a pretty good summary in about 5 minutes of video.
clipped from www.youtube.com
The Lakota Nation, Native American tribe secedes from the U.S Treaty binding the peoples, legally, under articles concluded over 150 years ago. The leader, Duane Martin Sr. Cites the New World Order as a determining factor behind uniting the tribes' resolve to dissolve the Treaty. And for good reason. The nation has had considerable trouble in keeping with the custom of being raped by the European powers and reduced their population by over 100 million, almost the greatest genocide in history, from the nation that proclaims to be the most just. An incredible Interview with Alex Jones and Duane Martin Jr. prefaced by Frnnk to tell the story of first, how and why they've decided to take this course of action.
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