Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How To Talk To Somebody About Earth Changes (That Doesn't Believe)

Very practical list of how tos.
clipped from millennium-ark.net
the number
two problem Stan and I are asked about the most is "how do I talk
to someone who doesn't believe?"
many people have written asking how they can approach their
spouse/friend/family/pastor to wake them up. The following are
broad suggestions, but something for you to consider using.
First, always pray for help and wisdom before you open your mouth. Ask
for guidance.
Second, you have to assess the personality of the person you want to talk
Third, develop a plan of action.
Fourth, pick a good time for talking.
1. Tell this person you would like to discuss something very important
to you. Do they have time?
2. Ask them to listen with an open mind.
3. The approach should be non-accusatory, nonjudgmental and as
forthright as you can make it.
4. Present your information in as logical, straightforward manner
as possible.
5. Anticipate difficult questions.
1. Should I keep trying to talk to friends and family?
2. How do I respond to "I'm a Christian; God will take care of
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