Sunday, December 28, 2008

More UPDATE on Co-Op Raided in Rural Ohio

It is too bad they didn't have video cameras rolling to capture the raid.

Here is some video of a raid and probably more in line with what happened.

In this video the IRS forgot the PC with all the video images of their raid.

The raid entailed keeping more than 20 workers handcuffed, in 106-degree heat without shade or water while agents collected records and equipment, which is described in this interview with great detail. The trial resulted in zero convictions on 161 charges faced by nine defendants, a major win for William Cohan and Robert Kahre.
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Manna Storehouse wants county to return $10,000 in seized food

They also asked the court to rule that the law the county cited for the search — one requiring retail food businesses to be licensed and inspected — does not apply to Manna.

In a court filing cast in terms of government exceeding its authority (pdf), the couple argue that Manna is not a retail establishment because its customers are all members, "not arms-length purchasers."

The family also argues that it is exempt from that law because Manna buys from local farmers and sells to neighbors, it sells extra food that the Stowerses have grown themselves and the co-op is mainly an attempt to "pool resources to purchase food in bulk."

The Stowers family has made no public statements on the search and Lorain County Sheriff's officials, who conducted the search have said those accusations are overblown. Capt. Richard Resendez called the search uneventful.

The court filing claims officers entered the home and co-op with guns drawn
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