Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't Forget to Not Say this if you are Not Convicted

If you are arrested but not convicted, you can ask the Justice Department to destroy the DNA sample they took from you.
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Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest

By EILEEN SULLIVAN, Associated Press Writer
Wed Apr 16, 6:18 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The government plans to begin collecting DNA samples from anyone arrested by a federal law enforcement agency — a move intended to prevent violent crime but which also is raising concerns about the privacy of innocent people.

Using authority granted by Congress, the government also plans to collect DNA samples from foreigners who are detained, whether they have been charged or not. The DNA would be collected through a cheek swab, Justice Department spokesman Erik Ablin said Wednesday. That would be a departure from current practice, which limits DNA collection to convicted felons.

Expanding the DNA database, known as CODIS, raises civil liberties questions about the potential for misuse of such personal information, such as family ties and genetic conditions.

the federal government could store DNA samples of people who are not guilty of any crime,
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