Friday, April 4, 2008

Fighting Terrorism since 1492

There’s certainly been a lot of concern the last few years about the suspension of civil liberties in the USA and the direction the country is heading. And there have been some disturbing incidents, some people are genuinely concerned that the USA is turning into a police state.
What does it really mean when people when people are threatened with machine guns for wearing jewelry or arrested for reading the Constitution?
It means we are living in interesting times, that’s for sure. Does it mean we are turning into a police state? Well, not really.
Yet. I do have some concerns, though I must note that I have had concerns since the Ruby Ridge and Waco massacres. And just in general the “law and order” mentality that has pervaded the country since 9/11 is a little scary. For six years now our police agencies have been hunting for terrorists under every bush with this “we’re protecting America and anyone who disagrees with our methods is the enemy” attitude.
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