Friday, April 4, 2008

The intent of the Framer’s of the Constitution

On Friday, February 22 the Supreme Court of
the United States will decide Bob Schulz’s

Petition for Rehearing

of its January 7th decision not to hear
We the People v. United States
, the case demanding a
declaration by the Court of the original intent of the last
ten words of the First Amendment, to wit: “Congress shall
make no law…abridging the Freedom…or the Right of the
People…and to Petition the Government for a Redress of

The matter is of the utmost importance. Our
Constitution is all that stands between a free People and
total tyranny.
Should the Supreme Court continue to
sidestep its constitutional duty to interpret the meaning of
the last ten words of the First Amendment by denying the
instant Petition for Rehearing, Bob Schulz and the We The
People Congress will immediately turn their attention and
resources to the organization and implementation of
large-scale, wide-spread acts of “civil disobedience.”
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