Friday, April 4, 2008

The Loneliest Ron Paul Supporter

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There are often
times I feel like the loneliest Ron Paul supporter on earth. We're
already a forsaken lot, castigated as we are, called kooks, conspiracy
mongers, racists, bigots, and (worst of all), delusional dreamers
living in a fantasy world. Plus, we're mean-spirited and greedy!

Yet, here I
am, an Orthodox Jew, living in Israel, in the dread "occupied territories"
no less, and I feel even lonelier than most. Just what am I doing
casting my lot with this motley group?!

I started reading
LRC and WND many months before. Both web sites called him on his
bipartisan liberalism. Bush himself did indeed promote a very liberal
agenda. At the time, I thought he was just making empty promises
to appear "moderate." In fact, Bush probably has the greatest record
of keeping his promises of any president in American history. There
are only two promises I can actually think of that he broke: campaign
finance reform, which he promised to veto; and a "humble foreign
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