Friday, April 4, 2008

Which is worse: Regulation or De-Regulation?

" -- -- Libertarians preach the morality of the
market, and socialists preach the morality of the state. Those
convinced of the market’s morality want de-regulation; those
convinced of the state’s morality want regulation.

In truth, neither seems to work.

The US--the “land of liberty”--has the largest prison population
in the world. With 5 percent of the world’s population, the US
has 25 percent of the prison population. The US has 1.3 million
more people in prison than crime-ridden Russia, and 700,000 more
prisoners than authoritarian China, which has a population four
times larger.

In the US the number and kind of crimes have exploded. Prisons
are full of drug users, and the US now has “hate crimes” such as
the use of constitutionally protected free speech against
“protected minorities.” It is in the self-interest of prison
investors to agitate for yet more criminalization of civil
liberties and ordinary human behavior.
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