Friday, April 4, 2008

Imagine that: Federal Banks not trusting Federal Banks!

I received this email from a reader. I am posting it because the SAME thing just happened to me. The check I was counting on to pay the mortgage took over 20 days to be processed... this has NEVER happened BEFORE....

The problem is WaMu (Washington Mutual), formerly "Providian."
Apparently the National Banks are terrified of the public exposure of their illegal monetary practices, to the point they have now ceased short term loans to each other, which at least gives them the appearance of solvency.
I believe they have and are, delaying and or freezing, the transfers of nearly all private funds (liquid assets,) to manipulate their balance sheets and hide their illegal activities and real losses.
Evidently, in freezing the transfer of funds, they can show the frozen funds as assets, to count toward their "liquid reserves" mandated by the IMF and the FED.
If anyone else is having a similar banking experience please sound off. Tuesday may well be the moment of Truth!
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