Friday, April 4, 2008

Why Are Ron Paul's Supporters So Angry?

Why Are Ron Paul's Supporters So Angry?
by Chuck Baldwin

January 29, 2008

When Glenn Beck interviewed Congressman Ron Paul a few weeks ago, he
said that he had received death threats from people purporting to be
Ron Paul supporters. I have heard other journalists make similar
accusations against Congressman Paul's supporters. Of course, I have
no way of knowing whether any of this is true or not. And neither does
anyone else.

Not that Ron Paul's supporters do not have reason to be angry. They
most certainly do. In fact, all of us should be angry.

Ron Paul's supporters have been subjected to the most overt and
outlandish brand of humiliation and censorship ever seen in modern

In addition, Ron Paul's own party continues to treat him and his
supporters as second-class citizens--or perhaps even as aliens from a
different planet.
I believe NOTHING the government tells us. They have
proven themselves to be totally disingenuous and downright
duplicitous. And, frankly, I'm angry about it.
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