Friday, April 4, 2008


Pastor Chuck Baldwin

15, 2008

If evangelical
Christians are hesitant to support Ron Paul's candidacy for the Republican
nomination for President, two reasons are usually proffered: he does not
support Israel, and he wants to bring the troops home from Iraq.
many (if not most) of today's evangelical Christians have bought into
the whole neocon warmongering mentality. Somewhere along the way, evangelicals
have forgotten the historic Christian understanding of "just war," not
to mention our Savior's promise of divine blessing upon peacemakers. They
have allowed President George W. Bush and his fellow warmongers to hijack
the legitimate use of defensive war and turn it into a commitment to aggressive
and preemptive war.
If the
United States continues on its current path of aggressive, preemptive
war, incessant nation-building, empire-building, and globalism, our country
will collapse. If history teaches us anything,
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