Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rumsfeld and Nixon: Caught on Tape

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audio: rumsfeld and nixon - caught on tape
photo of rumsfeld with president nixon
Donald Rumsfeld has figured prominently in almost every Republican administration since 1968, when he took on a job advising President Richard Nixon. He raised eyebrows in the Nixon White House with his antiwar views -- and made plenty of enemies with his flashy, brusque style -- but he developed a close, if curious, relationship with the president, who became his mentor. Nixon's infamous White House tapes contain a conversation from 1971 in which the two discuss foreign policy, leadership, war and their hopes for Vietnam's transition from a battleground to a peaceful country. Here are seven interesting excerpts.

| First Excerpt
Rumsfeld is itching to get more experience in foreign policy. Here, Nixon and Rumsfeld discuss possible assignments for him -- including a post-war Vietnam.

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